"I enjoyed Boring Meadows by Colin Bassett. It shows I think a wider range of people experiencing certain feelings for 'no (specified) concrete reason' than in any other book I can remember currently."
TAO LIN, author of Richard Yates and Shoplifting from American Apparel
"It's a very good little collection."
SHANE JONES, author of Light Boxes
"Boring Meadows is a marvel of a landscape. Great work by a spectacular writer."
KIM CHINQUEE, author of Oh Baby
"A very good job describing boredom, apathy, and depression."
BRANDON SCOTT GORRELL, author of During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present
"There is something uplifting about this collection of hopeless lives. Oh man these people are so sad."
ADAM ROBINSON, Publishing Genius Press
Boring Meadows is a chapbook of short fiction written by Colin Bassett and published by Greying Ghost Press in 2009.